Living and playing golf as I do in the San Joaquin Valley in California, I’m always searching for the most comfortable – and cool – polo shirt. I used to swear by pique polo shirts if they were 100% cotton. I still wear them on occasion though they’re getting harder and harder to find.

A few years ago, somebody came out with moisture-wicking fabric – usually polyester or a polyester blend. The problem I had with the first versions were they seemed to be too narrow in the body and the shirts clinged to the body when wet.

Eventually over time, manufacturers perfected the design of the fabric and the “build” of the shirts themselves. While it was ever more possible to get “athletic cut” shirts for the thinner waist golfers, it was also fairly easy to get a more natural fit shirt.

I thought I’d finally found the best golf shirts possible in the Nike Dri-fit, Adidas Clima-cool and Greg Norman Play-Dry products. I was happy as can be.

But then…

While on a golf weekend into Northern California, I played Northwoods Golf Club in Rio Mesa (see the review here). As is typical, I checked out the Pro Shop and found a logo’d polo shirt by a brand I’d never heard of, The Skins Game. It was nice looking and when held was light and smooth to the touch. I bought it, tossed it in my car and played the round.

I didn’t think about it until I got home several days later. I tried it on and was amazed at how supremely comfortable it was. It had a nice drape to it, didn’t cling, had ample room and the color (blue) was bright. I looked at the maker and discovered to my surprise that it was a polyester/recycled bamboo blend.

The following weekend I played a round at my home course and wore the shirt. Mind you the temperature that day was in excess of 100 degrees and I was wearing a darker shirt which typically isn’t a good thing when playing in the heat of the sun!

The shirt performed better than I did! While I confess to being hot, I was not overly so. The shirt stayed tucked-in and looked as crisp after the round as it did at the beginning.

I’ve worn it to work and when playing golf. It’s an extremely nice-looking, great-fitting and comfortable shirt. I’ve since bought two more from the company. I plan on buying more!

I can’t say anything bad about the shirts nor the company. I ordered online and the shirts were sent the next day. I received them three days later. That’s quick shipping!