low-back-painOne of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise around is biking, which makes a recumbent stationary bike one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can add to your home gym. Recumbent bikes are like old school exercise bikes, with one significant upgrade – they provide support to your lower back, thus virtually eliminating the risk of strain or other injury. With a stationary recumbent bike, you pedal while seating in a seat that is similar to an automobile seat. The pedals are elevated, so that your feet are at approximately the same height as your hips when you pedal. Because the seat is like a chair, rather than a small bicycle seat, you are able to sit back comfortably with no need to balance yourself. This makes reading or doing crossword puzzles while exercising very easy.

A good bike will come equipped with a battery powered computer and screen containing program settings that enable you to vary and change up your workout. For example, some models have hill settings, that are intended to approximate a bike ride over hilly terrain, interval settings, that increase the intensity of your workout for short intervals, random settings, that provide a mix of different workouts, as well as other settings. As a result, a recumbent stationary bicycle will prevent the one thing that causes most people on an exercise regime to skip or miss workouts – boredom with the repetitiveness of the workout routine. A typical bike’s “on board computer” will also keep track of your speed, the amount of calories burned, the number of calories you will burn in an hour, the time you have been exercising and will even notify you when your timed session has ended.

A recumbent stationary exercise bike is an excellent addition to a family home gym because it is suitable for every member of the family. According to the American Heart Association, all healthy people should engage in some cardiovascular exercise, and this is the case whether you are old or young, male or female. For this reason, purchasing a bike represents an investment in the health of your entire family, rather than a purchase that only one member of the family will be able to utilize and enjoy.

Finally, for people with knee, back and ankle problems, there is no finer piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment than a recumbent stationary bike like Schwinn 230, because these bikes are so low impact and easy on the joints. Indeed, many people who have had physical therapy following surgery or to rehabilitate an injury know that the primary piece of equipment used to strengthen the quadriceps muscles is the recumbent bicycle.