golfCoinciding with the slow players are the “less than average golfers” who compound slow play. They’re at the course to have a beer with the guys and think hitting a golf ball is child’s play. Little do they know – because they haven’t hit a ball in years if ever – that hitting a golf ball is an athletic motion and one that must be practiced. These “once in a blue moon” golfers are a joke to behold. From wearing jeans and tennis shoes to using persimmon laminates found in “dad’s garage,” they’re also a big nuisance. Most don’t even know rules and hold up play by their near total inability to play golf.

Again, this needs to be addressed. I know courses can’t limit the type of player – that creates a whole ‘nother issue. But clearly, these “less than average” golfers should be educated to the rules and etiquette of golf. Let faster and better players play through at the forefront. But also reminding them to fix ball marks, keep carts on paths and don’t shout “YOU DA MAN” everytime one of their foursome hits a 150 yard drive off the tee!

Perhaps a mandatory “lesson” in etiquette prior to their round and a marshal check-up every few holes would help. It couldn’t harm!