Golf ClubEach year the major manufacturers tout their new lineup. This one has a 460cc face, best MOI and blah, blah, blah… So now you’re so enticed to buy the best driver EVER (and it’s white, how cool is that!?) and you just bought the best driver ever LAST YEAR!

Will that new driver (or iron set, wedge, hybrid, fairway wood) actually improve your game by measurable strokes? Haven’t we always been told that it’s the swing not the club? Crappy swing equals crappy result. Right?

Maybe not. The technology that goes into each new club design may be marginally better than the previous issue but it IS better. Game improvement clubs are just that – they help your game improve. Your unorthodox swing and impact is helped out by more forgiving clubs which produce better and more accurate ball flight. If your swing isn’t as terrible as some, that only helps the game improvement clubs work even better.

The problem more advanced golfers have with game improvement irons is that they’re harder to “work” due to their characteristics. That is solved by going to blades or less of a cavity-back iron. The more advanced player doesn’t need game improvement – he wants to hit a slight draw or bend a 5-iron around a tree. Blades and non-cavity back irons help the player do that instead of a game improvement club which will be so forgiving it’ll straighten out the ball flight.

But at what cost do we finally put our foot down and say “NO MORE!” Do we balk at $120 wedges that are now “conforming” even though we bought the last wedge only years ago because it had better grooves! Or do we play it like we used to play records “til the grooves wear out.”

I’m very happy with my current set of clubs. They’re about 4 years old now and I still like them. I bought a new driver last year and am in no hurry to buy another one. It keeps me in the fairway about 80% of the time and I’m fairly confident with it. My putter is probably 15 years old – an old Taylor Made Nubbins Mallet. I like the soft insert. It’s great for my play. I’ve tried others and spent hundreds looking for that ONE perfect putter. But the Nubbins keeps finding it’s way in my bag.

Are you OK with spending a couple hundred on a new club every year? How much are you willing to spend – and how often – to get the best, newest club EVER? Does the manufacturer make a difference? Is name recognition a deal breaker? Do endorsements carry any weight?